New Update 2014 Download Map Dota v.6.79e + Changelog

Map Ver si terbaru Dota v6.79e ini sudah mengalami penyempurnaan dari map sebelumnya. Pada versi Dota v6.79d memang sengaja tidak saya upload linknya karena masih ada Bug dan saya yakin akan diperbaharui lagi, dan ternyata tidak lama kemudian sudah ada versi terupdate berikut ini. hehe.. ^_^

Changelog ::
Changelog pada Map v.6.79e :
* Fixed a gold exploit with Arc Warden

- Fixed a bug that caused significant performance loss when Skeleton King was in the game
- Fixed a bug with Rubick stealing Shadow Dance

Chagelog pada Map v6.79d :
* Hand of Midas recipe cost increased from 1400 to 1550
* Ancestral Spirit vision reduced from 600 to 450
* Ancestral Spirit damage reduced from 80/120/160/200 to 60/100/140/180
* Plague Wards night vision reduced from 1200 to 800
* Venomancer base movement speed reduced from 290 to 285
* Necronomicon night vision from 1300/1400/1500 to 800
* Necronomicon gold bounty increased from 100 to 100/125/150 (per unit)
* Magnetic Grip cast range reduced from 1400 to 1100
* Boulder Smash silence duration reduced from 5 to 3.5/4/4.5/5
* Boulder Smash unit knockback range rescaled from 800 to 500/600/700/800
* Crystal Maiden base Intelligence reduced from 21 to 19 (same base damage)
* Units in a Duel cannot be disarmed or Force Staffed away
* Visage movement speed reduced from 295 to 290
* Purifying Flames manacost increased from 30/45/60/75 to 55/70/85/100
* Added Slark in CM
* Added Huskar in CM
* Added Phoenix in CM

* Fixed Earth Spirit not functioning properly when used after Repick
* Fixed a case where you could get vision over the enemy team
* Fixed some lag issues on older PCs
* Fixed Monkey King Bar not being toggleable
* Fixed Tranquil Boots selling for more than it should when disabled

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  1. Gan
    ada map AI yang terbaru??
    Thanks -_-

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